Aerial map of Lexington Village along High Street and Yorktown Road in Logansport, Indiana

Lexington Village

Lexington Village has been envisioned to help bridge a gap in the current housing market in the region.

It was determined that the land along High Street and Yorktown Road, originally purchased by the City of Logansport in 2014 to help spur economic development, would be a key development area for median market rate housing.

The planned site includes 52 single-family homes situated within the city’s easternmost commercial district, allowing for easy access by bicycle or foot to the neighboring restaurants and shopping centers.

In order to make the site feasible for development, a residential TIF district was created to fund sanitary sewer, water and road upgrades. This project is also receiving funding through the North Central Indiana READI plan.

Construction work on the infrastructure project began the week of June 5, 2023.

This site is an ideal location for attracting young families and professionals to the area. Implementation of more affordable housing to this area will fill a major need for the region, allowing new home owners to live and work here.

For more information about this project, contact the Cass Logansport Economic Development Organization (CLEDO) at 574-722-5988 or email

Recent updates:

Work set to begin soon at Lexington Village (June 1, 2023)