Reminders for Residents

Permits are required for the following:

  • New construction
  • Renovation or remodel
  • Fencing
  • Yard/Garage Sales
  • Roof Alteration and Re-roofing
  • Razing structure
  • Pools
  • Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing Upgrade

For further information, contact the Building Commissioner’s office at 574-753-4381 or the Planning Department at 574-753-7775.

Trash and Recycling
These services are provided for City of Logansport residents by Republic Services. The charge for this service is included on your bill from Logansport Utilities but questions should be directed to the Mayor’s Office (574-753-2551).

Trash is collected weekly and recycling is picked up every other week

Except on scheduled collection days, all toters and bins must be stored in an inconspicuous location on the property and away from the street. It is unlawful to store or leave any toters or bins next to the street after 8 a.m. the day following scheduled trash pickup days.

The collection route map can be found here. The recycling pickup schedule can be found here.

Bulk Item Pickup

At a designated time each month, residents within the City of Logansport will be allowed to set out extra bags of trash or large items at no additional cost to the residents. Residents will be allowed to set out up to 2 items per month at the designated time.

The bulk item pickup schedule is based on the customer’s regular trash pickup day and can be found here (PDF).

If you still need additional items collected that cannot fit inside your trash cart there are two additional prepaid programs:

  • Bulk/Heavy Items – Defined as larger pieces of furniture, mattresses, box springs, chairs, sofas, rolls of carpet and padding, and non-Freon® household appliances not to exceed 40 lbs. Cost is $25 per item prepaid by resident by contacting Republic Services directly (1-800-989-2539) to pre-schedule pickup of such items.
  • Prepaid Extra Trash Bags Tags/Stickers (extra trash bags not to exceed 30-gallon [tall kitchen bag] outside the 96-gallon cart with lid closed) $2 per sticker to be set out during regular trash collection day.

Stickers can be purchased at:

  • D&R Fruit Market, 931 W. Market Street
  • McCords Do It Best, 2865 E. Market Street
  • Martins Supermarket, 3420 E. Market Street
  • Tienda La Bendicion, 1304 E. Broadway
  • Schwering Realty, 431 E. Broadway

For trash totes, recycling bins and information about items that are accepted please contact Republic Services at 1-800-989-2539.

Please call the Cass County Recycling District at 574-732-9253 to dispose of electronics (anything with a cord), TVs, tires, light bulbs, vacuums, and batteries (except alkaline).

More information is available here.

Yard Waste
The Logansport Street Department yard waste truck will pick up yard waste material and take it to the composting facility during the months of April – November. More information is available here.

Grass and weeds on any property must not exceed 8 inches.

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