Logansport Utilities Pole Replacement

Logansport Utilities announced in May 2022 that the electric department is in the early stages of the planned and already budgeted replacement of various aged wood pole lines with new steel poles.

Alpha Engineering out of Indianapolis has been hired to lead the project. The company will oversee all aspects of the project with engineering and design, provide materials list, hiring the construction contractor, and completed GIS/GPS (geographic information system/global positioning system) mapping.

The new eighty-foot steel 69 kV (kilovolt)/13.8 kV transmission poles will replace old wood 69 kV/13.8 kV transmission poles. This first phase of pole replacements will begin at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Fulton Street, then head west down Fulton Street to Clifton Avenue, then head north on Clifton Avenue to Northern Avenue, and finally west down Northern Avenue. This section of town was identified with some of the oldest wood poles in the service area, being installed in the 1970’s.

Logansport Utilities CEO/Superintendent Greg Toth emphasizes, “This first phase of steel pole replacements will help improve reliability, making our grid more resistant to power outages caused by strong wind and storms. It’s a necessary step to continue to serve our community well, now and in the future.”

The new steel poles will help reduce maintenance, repairs, and replacements the current wooden infrastructure requires. In this first phase, 50 wood poles will be replaced. Approximately 360 poles are scheduled to be changed out in future phases.

The steel pole replacement construction is scheduled to begin in late October 2023. Any traffic alerts or scheduled power outages will be communicated in advance.

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