Spencer Park – Lower Shelter

The Logansport Parks Board met for a special session on Wednesday, May 17, 2023 to discuss the condition and consequent actions to be taken at the lower shelter of Spencer Park.

During that meeting, the report provided by KJG Architecture specifies that snow and wind loads cannot be safely supported by the current structure. The Building Commissioner, Rob Rennewanz, concurred with that assessment. The Parks Board decided in order to maintain public safety, the shelter should be closed for public use. Fencing will be used to make it unavailable for use, and signage will clearly state that the structure is unsafe, and that entering the structure is at the individual’s own risk.

A Request for Proposal dated June 16, 2023 was posted on the Logansport Parks website and can be downloaded here. Submissions were due to the Logansport Parks and Recreation Department by 9 a.m. July 19, 2023 and will be opened by the Logansport Board of Works at their meeting on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 at 9:30 a.m.

Old business at the Logansport Parks Board’s January 10, 2024 meeting included discussion about the Spencer Park Lower Shelter. Jeremy Duff, the current contractor for the shelter, of KJG Architecture, presented the final costs on the work to be done. The total cost of the stabilization project is now $160,000. He stated that this work would stabilize the structure for 20-30 years. Duff indicated that the work can begin in February, with a target date for completion of May. Regarding the cost, the first $100,000 was appropriated in 2023, and the additional $60,000 is available from an appropriated CEDIT fund for 2024, so the funding required is available. All board members voted to move forward with the work. A new contract will be approved by the City’s Board of Works.

The Logansport Parks & Recreation Department announced on February 15, 2024 that work would begin on the Lower Shelter at Spencer Park starting the week of February 19, 2024.

The Logansport Parks & Recreation Department announced on May 17, 2024 that work at the lower Spencer Park Shelter has made significant progress. The stabilization work for which Steinberger Construction and Shepler Construction were hired has been completed. New steel pillars were installed and trusses were reinforced. A certificate of occupancy has been issued by the City of Logansport’s Building Commissioner. This shelter is now open to “informal” or “drop in” use, but reservations are not being accepted because of work that is yet to be completed. Additional landscaping, carpentry, painting and electrical work is necessary to fully improve the facility for formal public use.

This improvement to the Lower Shelter at Spencer Park is part of the regular 2023 & 2024 budgets of the Logansport Parks & Recreation Department and appropriated by the Logansport Common Council. Additional painting and electrical work will be necessary following completion of the contractors work in order to improve the facility for public use.

Questions can be directed to the Parks Administrator, Janet Fawley at 574-753-6969 or e-mail at parksadministrator@cityoflogansport.org .

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