60+ reasons people love Logansport, Indiana

Logansport Re-Imagined was developed when Logansport participated in the Hometown Collaboration Initiative offered through the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, Purdue University and Ball State University. (You can read more about that here.)

In April 2018, Logansport’s HCI team launched Logansport Re-Imagined as their capstone for the program. The local need identified by Logansport’s HCI team was for the people of Logansport to become more actively engaged in creating and promoting a place where they are proud to live, work and play.

At the kickoff for Logansport Re-Imagined in April 2018, attendees were invited to share reasons they love Logansport. As part of Logansport Re-Imagined’s participation in the Cass County 4-H Fair, the team used the “I Love Logansport” cards again and asked visitors to the Merchants Buildings to share their input, which became the backdrop for Logansport Re-Imagined’s fair booth.

The month of February seemed like a good time to revisit some of the reasons people shared back in the early days of Logansport Re-Imagined.

Here are a few things people said in 2018 … what would you add in 2024?

I love Logansport because …

  • There are so many talented and artistic people here!
  • It’s a great place to raise my kids.
  • This is where I grew up and I love it!
  • We have great restaurants!
  • The genuine people are what makes Logansport great.
  • I was born and raised here.
  • It’s my hometown.
  • Of the caring community and active community.
  • It offers wonderful job opportunities, local shopping and a variety of eateries.
  • We are a strong community.
  • Wonderful people.
  • Of the beautiful trails.
  • Our beautiful sunsets!
  • So much natural beauty.
  • Of the caring people.
  • It’s my home!
  • It is America’s Best HOMETOWN!!
  • The music
  • The people are so friendly!
  • All of the food!
  • Of my friends
  • I was born and raised here.
  • Of our creative community!
  • Wonderful parks
  • Everyone is friendly!
  • Nice Parks.
  • The rivers are beautiful!
  • It’s not a big city.
  • I love the strong theater culture.
  • Bike Trails
  • Of the community that’s always volunteering
  • The trails
  • Friends
  • The parks are beautiful.
  • My family is safe.
  • Of all the opportunity
  • Great people live here.
  • It’s home.
  • Of my neighbors.
  • People care.
  • It’s my city.
  • Our cultural diversity.
  • Of its welcoming atmosphere.
  • The people here are wonderful. Everyone knows everyone and it’s just a huge and beautiful community.
  • Of the small businesses.
  • Of the people.
  • It’s where I call “home.”
  • Trail system.
  • Caring and giving people.
  • Of the people who live here.
  • My roots run deep!
  • Of its rich historical importance.
  • Low crime rate.
  • Of all the wonderful mentors who have helped shape me.
  • My family has been here many years!
  • It has a Dentzel Carousel.
  • Of people willing to make this city a better place.
  • The people are so friendly.
  • Friends, family and great memories.
  • Friendly people are here.
  • Parks and trails.
  • Small city feel.
  • It is a confluence of more than rivers.
  • I’m involved and care.
  • It is home!
Logansport Re-Imagined