Cass County Council provides support to Dykeman Park project

The Logansport Parks & Recreation Department has announced another tremendous contribution to the Dykeman Park Clubhouse Project. In a fantastic display of unity and cooperation, our city and county governments have joined forces to support a project that will benefit our community immensely. At Friday’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Cass County Council, they generously contributed $300,000 from the County CEDIT Fund towards the Dykeman Park Clubhouse Project, showcasing their commitment to the betterment of our community. 

The $300,000 donation from the County will go a long way in ensuring the success of the Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course. The amount will be allocated in two appropriations – $150,000 each year of 2023 and 2024. This funding will support initiatives to improve infrastructure, primarily to construct new cart paths throughout Dykeman Park Golf Course. This work is scheduled to be done in the Fall of 2024.

Cass County Commissioner Ruth Baker said: “Quality of Life” is so important to the citizens of Cass County and the City of Logansport, so it is exciting to see so many organizations, private sectors and individuals from the county and the city coming together to take on the Dykeman Park Project.  Dykeman has been a local icon for so many years and we are thrilled that so many people are interested in maintaining its existence.  The Commissioners of Cass County as well as the members of the County Council are happy to help in doing our part in the construction of the new cart paths at the golf course.  We look forward to seeing the total project come to fruition.”

The Logansport Parks Department has stated that we are incredibly grateful to the Cass County Council for their generous contribution and their dedication to the well-being of our community. This is a shining example of how partnerships between city and county governments can bring positive change to our beloved city.

At its June meeting, The City of Logansport Common Council voted in favor of supporting Ordinance 2023-13, in which they pledged a $1 million investment in the construction of the new clubhouse at Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course. The Council’s commitment is conditional upon additional private funds being raised.

For more information and a short video regarding the plans, visit:

The goal to build the Dykeman Clubhouse requires funds to be raised totaling $3.5 million, AND to build it by the Spring of 2026 – the 100th anniversary of the Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course. The opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary in a new clubhouse at Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Couse in 2026 would create an historic and memorable stage for the NEXT 100 years of the Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Cousre in Logansport.

The Logansport Parks & Recreation Foundation has recruited Chairman Brad Rozzi to lead a committee of citizens to publicly & privately raise the necessary funds to build a new structure. Members of the Dykeman Clubhouse Fundraising Committee include Michael Bowditch, Tammy Helvie, Brannon Meagher, Chad Higgins, Chuck LaDow, Kyle Smith, Golf Course Manager & Pro, Dean Vietti, and Parks Administrator, Janet Fawley.

Questions may be directed to the Parks Administrator, Janet Fawley at 574-753-6969 or e-mail at

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