Columbia 6th Grade Academy Building Demolition Information

The Logansport Community School Corporation is moving forward with the demolition of the Columbia 6th Grade Academy now that the students are attending the brand-new Intermediate School on Chase Road.

Over the next few months, the demolition project will become apparent as the demolition crews progress with their work.  The key parts of the project include the following:

  • Temporary safety/security fencing will be erected around the site in the first part of April.
  • Interior work will begin the first part of April. The demolition crew will be conducting removal and sorting activities of materials for reclamation/recycle or waste.  Materials that are not recyclable will be hauled away throughout April.
  • Disconnection and capping of utilities will be completed during the month of April.
  • Large heavy demolition equipment will be mobilized to the site at the end of April. Shortly thereafter, mass demolition of the building will begin.
  • Trucking activities will begin mid-May and will run through the end of June as the building demolition continues.
  • The final activities will include clean fill and compaction of the area previously occupied by the building, followed by top soil and grass seeding. Removal of the temporary safety/security fencing will be the final operation before the demolition crew departs from the site.

SOURCE: Logansport Community School Corporation

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