Donations / Loaned Memorabilia to Iron Horse Museum

Regarding donations or loaned memorabilia to the Iron Horse Museum: The City of Logansport is preparing to transfer the Iron Horse Museum items to the Cass County Historical Society to renovate The Depot. Anyone that has loaned or donated railroad memorabilia that is currently housed in The Depot and would like to pick up their items is asked to contact Arin Shaver with the Logansport-Cass County Planning Department by emailing to make arrangements. All items must be able to be identified. The Cass County Historical Society plans on displaying the artifacts at their museums. Anyone who is interested in having their items returned at this time is asked to contact Mrs. Shaver by March 1, 2024. After March 1, all items will become the property of the City of Logansport and will be transferred to the Cass County Historical Society appropriately.

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