Free rides on the Cass County Carousel Nov. 25-26, 2022 courtesy of Cass County Community Foundation

The Cass County Community Foundation is excited to announce a special “Thanks-for-Giving” Grant to the Cass County Carousel. The “Thanks-for Giving” Grant will provide funds to be used to pay the expenses for the Carousel’s Friday and Saturday opening after the Thanksgiving holiday and will allow all rides to be free.

In announcing the grant, CCCF President Deanna Crispen shared, “If you grew up in Logansport and Cass County, you most likely can recall wonderful memories of riding the Denzel Carousel as children and grabbing the brass ring. What better way to celebrate the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday than to be sure everyone who wants to ride can do so without cost, said Crispen.”

The Carousel will be open both Friday, November 25th, and Saturday November 26th from 1-5 p.m.

For information about the Cass County Community Foundation, its programs or how to help, contact the CCCF office at 574-722-2200.

SOURCE: News release from Cass County Community Foundation

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