Logansport Parks and Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation want positive trail experience for all trail users

People from all walks of life use the trails in Logansport. Trails are a great place to exercise, to enjoy nature, to be with special friends and family, or maybe allow personal solitude.

Safety is #1 in importance for all trail users. Trails are a shared public space where safety and courtesy make for a positive trail experience for everyone.

Recently, the Logansport Parks & Recreation has installed signs on community trails to remind trail users to follow trail rules and trail etiquette. Additionally, similar signs have been posted on the River Bluff Trail and the Hervey Preserve, property of Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation (LMHF) since opening in 2004. Logansport Parks and LMHF collaborate to ensure that all trail users have a safe and positive experience. Security cameras are located throughout the trail systems and are supported and monitored by Logansport Parks and Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Recently, several people have been using golf carts, electric scooters, and motor bikes on the trails. This places pedestrians and bikers on a dangerous collision path with these motorized vehicles. These motorized vehicles are NOT permitted on our community trails, and those that are caught violating this rule will receive a written warning, and/or will be banned from the trails.

Trail rules state the following:

1. Trails are for bicycle, roller blades, skateboards, and pedestrian use only. Electric scooters,
golf carts & motorized vehicles are not permitted on multi-use trails (exceptions for handicap
permits on golf carts, emergency & maintenance vehicles).

2. Obey trail signs. Stop at intersections and travel at safe speeds.

3. Do not litter.

4. Yield to pedestrians. Pedestrians always have the right of way.

5. Keep right and pass on the left. Warn trail users as you approach from behind.

6. Pets must be kept on a leash and in control. Clean up pet waste.

7. Respect private property and other trail users – stay on the trail. Do not pick, trample or
disturb plants or flowers.

8. No marking, writing, or defacing of any equipment, structure, or pavement along the trail.

9. Users of the trail do so at their own risk.

10. To report maintenance issues, contact the Logansport Parks & Recreation Department at
574-753-6969 or on the Memorial Hospital Foundation Trails, 574-753-7541.

11. In the event of an emergency, Emergency Services should be notified by calling 911.

As in all Logansport Parks & trails, alcohol is also prohibited on the River Bluff Trail, Hervey Preserve and the Sims Connector Trail. All trails are closed from dusk to dawn.

In addition, due to a recent accident on the Cole Bridge between Riverside Park and the River Bluff Trail, its important that the public be reminded that the Cole Bridge is also for pedestrian & non-motorized vehicle use only. For safety reasons, those using the bridge are required to stay on the bridge walkway, and shall not climb, sit, or walk upon railings, structures, or pillars.

Questions can be directed to the Parks Administrator, Janet Fawley at 574-753-6969 or e-mail at parksadministrator@cityoflogansport.org or Vicki Byrd, Vice President Planning and Development at
Logansport Memorial Hospital 574-753-7541 or email at vbyrd@logansportmemorial.org .

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Parks and Recreation Department and Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation

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