Logansport Utilities to install new EV (electric vehicle) chargers, providing power for free

Logansport Utilities (formerly Logansport Municipal Utilities or LMU) will be installing several new EV (electric vehicle) charging stations around the city of Logansport.

The project has already launched with a newly installed EV charger in the parking lot of the “Science Project Brewery Company,” near the corner of North and 6 th Streets. Starting July 5, electric vehicle drivers will be able to access and use the charging station.

Logansport Utilities is providing the electricity to these power stations free of charge. The stations will be fully open to the public. Drivers will be able plug-in, charge up, and be on their way without having to pay a fee.

CEO/Superintendent Greg Toth supports the program, stating, “This is a small way, we as a utility company, can support our community. The availability of additional charging stations around town will benefit electric vehicle owners and encourage others to invest in them, especially during a time where everyone is looking for sustainable options and transportation cost-savings.”

Other locations of EV chargers are still to be determined, with one proposed in the city-planned
“Urban Park,” near Logan’s Landing (421 4 th Street.)

This is not the first time Logansport Utilities has installed EV chargers. The Logansport city building on East Broadway has one in their private lot for city-owned electric vehicles, and Logansport Memorial Hospital has a pay-per-use charger on their campus.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Utilities)

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