Water Service Line Replacement

Logansport Utilities announced in September 2022 that it had been awarded millions of dollars in grant money to help replace the city’s water service lines.

The State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program provides grant money and low-interest loans to Indiana communities for projects that improve wastewater and drinking water infrastructure.

In Logansport Utilities’ continuous mission to bring safe, clean, and reliable drinking water to Logansport residents, the company applied for $24 million dollars to replace 4,500 service lines in the city. The SRF has agreed to award and fund 80% of the company’s requested funds with grant money, which will not have to be repaid. The request will be broken down into thirds, with $8 million dollars to be requested and be awarded each year for three years. In 2022, Logansport Utilities will obtain $6.4 million dollars in grant money and borrow the additional $1.6 million dollars with 0% interest on a 30-year loan from the SRF. The same process is planned for the next two years.

Once the 4,500 service lines are replaced over the next few years, residents can expect improved quality water and higher water pressure in their homes and businesses.

In March 2023, Logansport Utilities announced that the 129-year-old utility company is mailing an instructional letter to thousands of Logansport residents and businesses, largely in the oldest infrastructure parts of the city, asking them to identify their water service line that enters their property and to then send back the information. More information can be found here.

In April 2023, Logansport Utilities announced that Five Star Energy Services, an underground utility construction company, will be working with Logansport Utilities’ water department to tackle replacing the aging pipe infrastructure. Replacements will include the public main waterlines up to the point which it connects with a property’s plumbing, sometimes inside a home or business.

The primary areas of the project will affect the oldest parts of the city’s water system, with the goal of replacing any potential lead pipes or galvanized piping material that is downstream from lead materials, that would have been installed more than 50 years ago.

As the project moves forward, once a home or business has been identified to receive the water line replacement at the point of entry, the Five Star Energy Services’ staff will provide residents an information flyer in advance notice. This is to provide a summary of the project and a basic timeline for when crews may need to enter the property. The waterline replacement work is at no additional cost to the customer. More info can be found here.

Update from Logansport Utilities Facebook page as of June 27, 2023: The waterline replacement project continues to move steadily along! Homes with lead or galvanized steel downstream from lead in Area 1 have been successfully replaced and yard and road restoration work is getting wrapped up. Five Star Energy Services is now working in Area 2. If you haven’t filled out your waterline material form yet, head to the Logansport Utilities website and submit it there!

Map of Logansport Utilities waterline replacement areas


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