Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course Clubhouse Project

The Logansport Parks & Recreation Foundation is raising funds to bring multiple improvements and a new clubhouse to Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course. Planting of 135 new trees has been completed; other planned improvements include repaving of cart paths, refinishing and updating cart barns, addition of parking spaces and improved tee marker signage. More information on the project can be found on the Logansport Parks & Recreation Foundation’s website.

During the regular meeting of the City of Logansport Common Council on Monday, June 5, 2023 the Council voted in favor of supporting Ordinance 2023-13, in which they pledged $1 million investment as installments of $200,000 each year for five years to invest in the construction of a new clubhouse at Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course. This positive vote follows a request by the Logansport Parks & Recreation Board in Resolution 2022-09, in which they and the Logansport Parks & Recreation Foundation will raise the additional needed funds from private donors. The Council’s commitment is conditional upon the additional funds being raised.

In August 2023, the project received a $500,000 commitment from the Cole Family, and a in September 2023, a $500,000 commitment from Mike and Jody (Jones) Petrie and the Petrie Endowment was announced.

In October 2023, the Cass County Council contributed $300,000 from the County CEDIT Fund toward the project. The amount will be allocated in two appropriations – $150,000 each year of 2023 and 2024. This funding will support initiatives to improve infrastructure, primarily to construct new cart paths throughout Dykeman Park Golf Course. This work is scheduled to be done in the Fall of 2024.

A $50,000 contribution from Steinberger Construction was received in December 2023.

In January 2024, the Logansport Parks and Recreation Department announced that Security Federal Savings Bank has pledged $150,000 to be invested in the new clubhouse at Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course.

In February 2024, the Logansport Parks & Recreation Department/ Foundation announced that Kurt and Emily Brandstatter, as the owners of Central Paving, Inc. have pledged $100,000 as an investment toward the clubhouse project.

For more information and a short video regarding the plans visit: logansportparksfoundation.org/

The goal of funds to raise is $3.5 million to build the Dykeman Clubhouse, AND to build it by the Spring of 2026 – the 100th anniversary of the Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course. The opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary in a new clubhouse at Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Couse in 2026 would create an historic and memorable stage for the NEXT 100 years of the Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course in Logansport.

The Logansport Parks & Recreation Foundation has recruited a chairman to lead a committee of citizens to publicly & privately raise the necessary funds to build a new structure. Brad Rozzi, a well-respected Logansport attorney and a supporter of the Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course has agreed to chair this fundraising effort. Members of the Dykeman Clubhouse Fundraising Committee include Brannon Meagher, Chad Higgins, Chuck LaDow, Kyle Smith, Michael Bowditch, Tammy Helvie, Golf Course Manager & Pro, Dean Vietti, and Parks Administrator, Janet Fawley.

The Logansport Parks & Recreation Foundation has worked with KJG Architecture to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the current clubhouse. During their study of the clubhouse, they determined that updating the current clubhouse would require approximately $1 million to simply update and repair the current clubhouse, without amenities that are still needed.

KJG Architecture was then contracted to develop preliminary plans and renderings for a future structure that would satisfy our current and future needs. A NEW structure would satisfy the need for a community room, a golf simulator, handicap accessible facilities, indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, energy efficient mechanical operations, upgraded technical amenities, a garage that would contain all city-owned golf carts, and most of all, a fresh, new inviting facility for the community and our visitors (all of which cannot be satisfied with the current clubhouse).

The Dykeman Park Municipal Golf Course provides opportunities to the City of Logansport, its citizens, and those living in surrounding areas in many ways including:

  • As a positive economic development tool, this public golf course provides opportunities for local and visiting individuals and businesses to gather in small and large groups to play golf, discuss their respective issues and programs, as well as raise funds for non-profits or causes that effect local change.
  • The youth in our community have historically utilized the golf course as a place to convene and interact in a positive and healthy manner, all while engaging in a competitive sport, all of which is good for the positive development of our youth.
  • The entire family can participate and derive enjoyment from this healthy lifestyle activity;
  • Golfers of all ages may engage in healthy physical activity coupled with the added benefit of enjoying a game that is mentally challenging and builds character;
  • All who play the game of golf are taught essential life skills and sportsmanship;
  • The golf course turf serves as a filter for runoff and controls flooding;
  • The open green space provides a cooling effect as well as prime habitat for an abundance of wildlife for the surrounding property;

Questions may be directed to the Parks Administrator at 574-753-6969 or email to parksadministrator@cityoflogansport.org.

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