Riverfront Redevelopment and Vibrant Event Center

The demolition of Logansport Utilities’ water and electric generating plants opened approximately 6.5 acres for the redevelopment of the Eel riverfronts near Riverside Park. As the area develops, the city plans to target uses that enhance the riverfront, such as boutique hotels, restaurants, banquet halls and apartments, as well as other residential opportunities like condos and townhomes.

In May 2023, plans were announced for construction of Vibrant Event Center at the west end of Riverside Park. The privately-owned facility planned for the property will provide space for events hosting 400+ people, and will be built by the Eel River Equity Group LLC. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Monday, July 31, 2023.

The City of Logansport and Logansport Redevelopment Commission committed funds to build a parking lot at the former location of the Logansport Utilities water plant at the west end of Riverside Park that will serve both the park and the event center.

The northwest portion of Dentzel Drive along the Eel River will be closed at the Cass County Carousel. Motorists will be able to use the access road east of the Carousel to drive from the north side of the park to the south side of the park. Access to the park from 10th and Race Streets will also be closed during construction. Construction of the parking lot is being done by Deichman Excavating.

A master plan and conceptual design is in development for the area along the south side of the Eel River, north of Race Street between 6th and 10th Streets.

READI 2.0 funds have been proposed to help create ashovel ready site for other developments in the area.

10th and 11th Streets have been changed to right turn only, with east parking on High Street moving from 30’ to 60’ back. Riverside Drive will change from one-way to two-way from the event center driveway west, with no on-street parking. Event Center traffic must turn right out of drive. Costs to re-engineer Race St. and 6th St. to provide south- and north-bound turning off of Race St. while still accommodating the Zip Thru traffic are being looked into.

ABOVE: Investors broke ground on July 31, 2023 at the site where Vibrant Event Center will be located, west of Riverside Park in Logansport. Photo by Logansport-Cass County Chamber of Commerce


7/31/23: Parking lot construction at Riverside Park
7/6/23: Parking lot construction at Riverside Park set to begin on or after July 6, 2023

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